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Bruno Rodriguez

PhD Title: Deposition and optimisation of diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC)
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Tara Schiller and Dr. Daniela Proprentner
Institution: University of Warwick


"Effect of chromium doping on high temperature tribological properties of silicon-doped diamond-like carbon films", BJ Rodriguez, TL Schiller, D Proprentner, M Walker, CTJ Low, B Shollock, H Sun and P Navabpour, Tribology international, Vol. 152, 106546, (2020) doi:

"Imaging and Modelling the Optical Emission from CH Radicals in Microwave Activated C/H Plasmas", EJD Mahoney, BJ Rodriguez, S Mushtaq, BS Truscott, MNR Ashfold and YA Mankelevich, J. Phys. Chem. A, Vol. 123, 9966-9977, (2019) doi:

B. Rodriguez

Bruno Rodriguez

Warwick Manufacturing Group
University of Warwick

Office: Materials Engineering Centre (MEC)