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Georgia Wood

In July 2016 I graduated from the University of Warwick with a 1st MChem (Hons) degree in Chemistry. Over the course of my undergraduate studies I developed a love for electrochemistry and so undertook a placement working for Professor Julie Macpherson involving the development and testing of boron doped diamond (BDD) sensors. This sparked my interest in diamond science and technology, and led me to apply for the CDT to gain expertise in this exciting field. After completing the MSc year, I continued onto my PhD research project which focuses on the HPHT growth and optimisation of BDD microparticles for electrochemical applications. A patent has been filed and a paper is in preparation. I am also investigating the use of BDD platforms for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) imaging, to gain understanding of electrochemical processes.

PhD Title: Boron Doped Diamond Microparticles for Electrochemical Applications
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Julie Macpherson
Institution: University of Warwick

G. Wood

Georgia Wood

Warwick Electrochemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Warwick