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Cohort 3



MSc Graduation

The Butterworth Hall
Wednesday 17th January 2018

MW AwardCMeara Award

DST MSc Awards 2016/17

Best Overall Performance:

Max Williams (University of Bristol)

Most Improved Performance:

Claire Meara (Newcastle University)

DST Teaching Award 3

DST MSc Teaching Awards 2016/17

Term 1:

Jon Goss (Newcastle University)

Term 2:

Ollie Williams (Cardiff University)

Daniel Coxon

PhD Title: A study of the relaxation dynamics of local vibrational modes associated with hydrogen in diamond
PhD Supervisor: Dr Vas Stavros, Dr James Lloyd-Hughes and Prof. Mark Newton
Institution: University of Warwick

Jamie Friel

PhD Title: Processing and controlling quantum information in NV centre architectures
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Animesh Datta
Institution: University of Warwick

Luke Johnson

PhD Title: Smart Sensor Technologies for Diamond/cBN Tools
PhD Supervisor:
Dr Stuart Barnes and Prof Mark Newton
University of Warwick

Daniel Jones

PhD Title: Multidimensional Imaging and Spectroscopy of Diamond Optical Properties of Large-Area CVD Diamond
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Paul French and Dr Chris Dunsby
Institution: Imperial College London

Fraser Laidlaw

PhD Title: Electron Microscopy of Dislocations and Vacancy Clusters in Diamond
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Ana Sanchez and Dr Richard Beanland
Institution: University of Warwick

Scott Manifold

PhD Title: Superconducting diamond growth for Quantum Bits
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Oliver Williams
Institution: Cardiff University

Claire Meara

PhD Title: Accurate Electronic Structure Calculations of Diamond: Quantum Dots and Defect Energies
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Jon Goss
Institution: Newcastle University

Bruno Rodriguez

PhD Title: Optimisation and Performance of Diamond Like-Coatings for Automotive Applications
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Shollock
Institution: University of Warwick

Jack Smith

PhD Title: Tunable optical resonators with embedded diamond defect centres for quantum technologies
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Michael Strain
Institution: University of Strathclyde

Jovana Vukajlovic

PhD Title: Investigations of catalytic and optical behaviour of nanodiamond aerosols and thin aerosol films
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Lidija Siller
Institution: Newcastle University

Kerry Hazeldine

PhD Title: Controlling surface properties of diamond for electronics and quantum technology
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Evans
Institution: University of Aberystwyth

Max Williams

PhD Title: Experimental and computational studies of CVD diamond growth
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Paul May
Institution: University of Bristol

Georgia Wood

PhD Title: Boron Doped Diamond Micro- and Nano-Particles for Electrochemical Applications
PhD Supervisor:
Prof. Julie Macpherson
University of Warwick

Jiahui (Gloria) Zhao

PhD Title: Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Thermoluminescence and Charge Transfer in Synthetic Diamond
PhD Supervisor:
Prof. Mark Newton, Dr Ben Green
University of Warwick