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Imogen Gullick

PhD Title: Platform development for diamond quantum and photonic technologies

Research Summary: My PhD research project, titled “Platform development for diamond quantum and photonic technologies”, is a relatively broad area of research, but focuses on fabrication of thin diamond membranes with sub-micron thickness that contain arrays of defects that are localised. Due to surface effects, properties of defects close to the surface are typically worse than those in bulk material, it is therefore a primary aim to have the properties of the defects in the membrane approaching those of bulk material. Currently, the Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) defect is being focused on due to its promising application in sensing and quantum information processing. Some of the main focuses of the research will be to produce large-area membranes with low strain, improve light-detection efficiency by fabricating surface structures on the membranes and accurately positioning defects in close proximity to the membrane surface.

PhD Supervisor: Mark Newton

Sponsor: EPSRC and DSTL


2019 - Present: PhD Student, University of Warwick.

2016-2019 BSc (Hons) First class, Keele University.


February 2020: Warwick Science Gala

This was an evening full of science demonstrations, including the diamond group’s research. The demonstrations, which included displaying diamond’s high thermal conductivity with ice and well as looking at the photoluminescence of various diamonds, were done for children of a range of ages as well as their parents/other adults.

November 2019: Warwick Christmas Lecture

This was a pre-lecture interactive demonstration of the high thermal conductivity of diamond using a large block of ice and some pieces of diamond.

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Imogen Gullick