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Posters Abstracts

For this session the students have been 'paired'.

Student 1 will discuss their poster first from 15.00-15.25 and Student 2 from 15.25-15.50.

Group 1

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Robin Laurence, Oxford Residual Stress in Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters Abstract
2 Bruno Rodriguez, Warwick High temperature tribomechanical properties of hard DLC deposited using HiPIMS Abstract

Group 2

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Daniel Coxon, Warwick An ultrafast shakedown reveals the energy landscape, relaxation dynamics and concentration of hydrogen related modes in diamond Abstract
2 Daniel Jones, Imperial Joint phasor analysis and iterative fitting of lifetime data in synthetic diamond Abstract

Group 3

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Max Williams, Bristol Development of a kinetic Monte Carlo model for CVD diamond growth Abstract
2 Georgia Wood, Warwick High Pressure High Temperature Synthesis of Highly Boron Doped Diamond Microparticles for Electrochemical Applications Abstract

Group 4

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Jack Smith, Strathclyde Heterogeneous integration of diamond and gallium nitride photonics Abstract
2 Daniel Field, Bristol Crystalline AlGaN & SiC Interlayers for Integration of Diamond with GaN Abstract

Group 5

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Andrew Kirkpatrick, Oxford Ultra-fast laser fabrication of NV centres in diamond Abstract 
2 Tom Weaver, Bath Light Storage in Diamond via Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Abstract

Group 6

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Alexander Freeman, Newcastle Diamond based electronic devices Abstract
2 Shay Chaudhuri, Warwick Machine Learning for the Extraction of 3D Geometric Data from 2D IL-STEM Images Abstract

Group 7

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Helen Witkowska, Warwick Quantum communication with diamond: Life beyond NV- and SiV- Abstract
2 Martin Lee, Strathclyde Narrow-linewidth, diamond cooled, monolithic vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting laser for quantum technologies Abstract

Group 8

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Luke Johnson, Warwick Application of nitrogen-vacancy microwave-free ODMR to thermometry Abstract
2 Ryan Corbyn, Strathclyde Using nanodiamond for the purposes of magnetic and temperature field sensing within cells Abstract

Group 9

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Teena Rajan, Warwick Exploring methods for characterisation and recovery of BDD electrodes affected by biological fouling Abstract
2 Katie Levey Modelling the Voltammetric Behaviour of Electroactive Self Assembled Monolayers Abstract

Group 10

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 William Leigh, Cardiff In-situ MPECVD temperature mapping using dual-wavelength pyrometry Abstract

Group 11

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Pierre Julien, Strathclyde Review and optimisation of a diamond master oscillating power amplifier Abstract
2 Rajesh Patel, Warwick Subnanotesla Magnetometry with a fiber-coupled diamond sensor Abstract

Group 12

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Marta Kruger, Oxford Polarized light imaging of laser fabricated structures in diamond Abstract
2 Jenny Orme, Warwick Metripol: Theory and Application of Birefringence in Diamond Abstract

Group 13

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Lewis Mills, Warwick Characterisation of Nitrogen and Radiation Related Defects in CVD Diamond Abstract
2 Fraser Laidlaw, Warwick Point defect generation by plastic deformation in diamond Abstract

Group 14

  Student Poster title Abstract
1 Gloria Zhao, Warwick Newly discovered phosphorescent bands in type II HPHT synthetic diamond Abstract
2 Tuoran Chen, Oxford The Study of Diamond-diamond Connections in HPHT PCD Materials