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Diamonds are for Everything at Science + Industry Museum

SIM Manchester diamond.jpg

On the 25th August, CDT DST students and staff participated in the Science + Industry Museum ‘Platform for Investigation’ day. These special exhibits days which are held one Saturday a month, invite pioneering scientists studying cutting-edge research to showcase their work.

Many different properties of diamond, including its extreme hardness, high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity when doped with boron where demonstrated through 6 interactive stands. These stands included building diamond out of ball and stick models, cutting ice with diamond, the E6 scratch test, and using VR technology to see where diamonds can be found in space. Visitors were also invited to take part in a fun quiz or dress up like a scientist and have their photo taken.

The day was a massive success, drawing in 879 visitors in just 5 hours.

Text: Kerry Hazeldine