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Staff Resources

Welcome to the Enhance Resources for Staff!

Here we provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower educators and staff members in their professional development journey. Our offerings include the Enhance Taxonomy, App, and Training Kit, all carefully crafted to enhance your skills and expertise.

Demystifying the ENHANCE Taxonomy: Unraveling How We Organize Opportunities for You!

Backhand Index Pointing Right Emoji (U+1F449) Check out our ENHANCE Taxonomy

Ready to Unlock Your Curriculum's Potential? Discover it Now on the ENHANCE App!

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Discover the ENHANCE Training Kit: Empowering Your Engineering Journey with Knowledge and Tools!

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Join our Community

At Enhance, we believe in the power of continuous professional growth. Our resources for staff are carefully curated to support your journey as an educator, helping you unlock your full potential and create an impactful learning environment for your students.

Join our community of dedicated educators who are committed to ongoing improvement. Explore our Enhance Resources for Staff and embark on a transformative professional development experience today. Together, let's shape the future of education and empower the leaders of tomorrow.