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Humanitarian Engineering

Humanitarian Engineering: What, Why, How

Humanitarian crises of the 21st century are complex in nature and affect huge portions of the global population - often affecting the living standards of marginalized, discriminated, underserved, or disaster/war hit groups of people.

Humanitarian Engineers are students, academics and professionals from multiple disciplinary backgrounds, who harness a concern for global humanitarian crises with their unique expertise and skill. Together they collaboratively research, analyse and engineer holistic, innovative solutions.

The project ENHANCE is based on the concept of Humanitarian Engineering. Humanitarian Engineering is the integration of engineering with sciences, social sciences and arts to invent, create, design, develop, or improve technologies, processes and tools which promote the well-being of populations facing grand challenges.

Introducing aspects of humanitarian engineering to engineering graduate curricula offers the advantages of seeing science, technology and engineering in a broader perspective, offering students the opportunity to experience engineering on a global and international context, enabling transferrable skills and enhancing graduate employment prospects.

Humanitarian Engineering at Warwick

Example of an innovative Humanitarian Engineering programme is offered at the University of Warwick.

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