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ENHANCE Training Kit

What is the ENHANCE Training Kit?

The ENHANCE Training Kit is a powerful toolkit of our project, providing open-access resources for multiplier training sessions in Higher Education.

The toolkit is covering the themes of:

  • Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
  • Problem-based Learning
  • Sharing Best Practice
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Academic Integrity and Online Assessment
  • Peer Dialogue in Teaching
  • Student Experience and Wellbeing
  • Developing Co- and Extra- Curricular Resources

Who can use the ENHANCE Training Kit?

The ENHANCE Training Kit is a purposeful resource to be used by multiple stakeholders involved to the design and delivery of Higher Education programmes. Stakeholders can use the toolkit for own training and/or for organising and delivering training sessions within their teams or across other teams.


  • Get informed on specific teaching and learning strand(s)
  • Reflect upon, and develop, own practice
  • Identify strengths and highlight areas for development

Course Lead

  • Consider course(s) with respect to specific teaching and learning strand(s)
  • Review teaching methods and develop actions for enhancement at course level
  • Train team members on specific strands of teaching and learning

Programme Lead

  • Take a holistic overview of the curriculum at programme level
  • Explore how different strands of activity are covered within programmes
  • Identify areas of strength and areas for development at programme level