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Aims and Objectives

Key aims

The novelty of ENHANCE lies in integrating highly diverse, yet complementary, expertise in engineering Higher Education (HE). The key aims are; (a) mapping professional attributes for mitigating humanitarian challenges over the next 15 years; (b) assessing and evaluating current graduate engineering programmes in Partner Institutions under the enablers needed to ensure humanitarian attributes to graduates; (c) setting up tools for evaluating graduate engineering programmes; (d) building capacity in the field of community-based engineering with interventions in curriculum content, assessment and feedback, methods of delivery; (e) tasting, adopting and implementing in current curricula innovative (i.e. inclusive, interdisciplinary, problem-based) teaching and learning methodologies; (f) developing and testing the ENHANCE Training Kit for staff development/training.

Principle Objectives

  • Deliver a taxonomy of professional attributes for tackling humanitarian challenges
  • Establish collaboration between the Partner Institutions and the wider socio-economic context
  • Assess and evaluate Graduate Engineering Programmes (GEPs) in Partner Institutions
  • Modernise the assessed GEPs in Partner Institutions from curriculum content to quality assurance, assessment and methods of delivery, teaching and learning materials
  • Train the trainer on curriculum modernisation and redesign
  • Trained teachers to train colleagues on curriculum modernisation and redesign in the framework of a wider institutional developmental initiative in the Partner Institutions
  • Streamline methods, approaches and practical applications for community-based engineering education
  • Disseminate and exploit project results