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Empowering People's Voices

The ENHANCE project aims at empowering people's voices via sharing experiences, practices, lessons learnt, challenges and aspirations. Listen to some of our stakeholders talking about ENHANCE and their personal education stories.

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Haven't we all experienced 'brain drain' during online classes in the pandemic? How did you cope with it? 🤔 

The impacts of COVID are still being felt by students across the world, more for some than others! How do you think universities can make the transition to the new normal easier for students?

Learning is as social and emotional as it is knowledge based! How did you stay in touch with your peers to discuss lesson plans and assignments?

What digital platform did you use at University during the pandemic, and how effective was it?

Enhance reflected on teaching practices during COVID-19: Online vs In-person Learning.
Can online learning ever fully replace in-person? Let us know in the comments below!

How cool would VR in lab-based studies be 🤩

We LOVE to see advocates for softer skills in STEM! What is your preferred style of learning, and what soft skills do you think would help you in your studies? 

Students were not the only ones benefitting from the ENHANCE project! Don't believe us?
Listen to this academic talk about how ENHANCE impacted teaching!

ENHANCE actually enhanced our knowledge of humanitarian engineering!

We love to see students being invited back to participate in curriculum reform- now THAT's co-creation at its best!

One of our (many!) takeaways from working with such incredible academics spearheading incredible courses!!

Learning is an infinite journey! Here's proof why!

Here's how ENHANCE project staff describe their experience in one word! 
Our heart is full listening to how students at the ENHANCE programme in Indonesia described their experience from our project!