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The IET - Have your say on how we communicate with you

To register your interest in taking part, in an online or telephone interview (should last approximately 45 minutes), please enter your details by clicking on the link below. We know that you are busy, so to acknowledge your time commitment to helping the IET with this research, Shift Membership will pay each participant £50 upon completion of the project.


If you register your interest, you will receive an email and or phone call from Shift Membership to confirm details and book an interview, at a time convenient to you. If there is an oversubscription, we may not be able to accommodate all interested. Across this research programme the IET is hoping to engage with a broad mix of people of different profiles, so there may be a small chance that we need to invite someone else in your place. Please be aware that the register your interest form contains optional demographic questions which collect information about your gender and ethnicity, to help ensure we engage with a range of respondents.

Your responses in this research will be recorded and transcribed by Shift Membership. However, the transcripts will be anonymised as far as is reasonably possible. Any responses you make will remain anonymous when reported back to the IET. All personal details and responses will only be used for the purposes of this research project and Shift Membership will destroy all personal data at the close of the project. Please feel free to contact Isadora Rackham at if you have any questions about the nature of this research.

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