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First Aid Information


The School of Engineering provides a safe working environment and aims to work in a safe manner in order to prevent accidents, ill health and near misses occurring. In the event however that an incident occurs, please follow these arrangements:

In the event of an accident involving injury to a person or persons-

1. Assess the situation.

2. Summon help -

  • If serious summon an ambulance immediately on 22222 (or 02476 522222 from a mobile)
  • Main gate - 22083
  • First Aiders are appointed across the University, for Engineering and WMG, please see the latest lists:

School of Engineering:


3. Avoid creating additional hazards or becoming a victim yourself.

4. If trained, initiate emergency procedures.

5. Protect and reassure any casualty(s).

6. Fill out an accident report form. These are held by First Aiders and available on-line.

An on-line facility is available via:

This form should be used to report all accidents, incidents or near misses

Medical Emergencies

In case of medical emergencies phone ext. 22222. (Note that phoning 999 will summon help but bypasses the University system for directing the emergency services to the correct location on arrival at the University - DO NOT DIAL 999 UNLESS THERE IS NO ANSWER FROM 22222)

Reporting of Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses

All accidents, no matter how small, must be reported. In particular those accidents requiring first aid treatment MUST be reported on the form as stated previously This ensures that the incident is investigated thoroughly so that we can put into place measures to prevent it happening again or to prevent conditions worsening, and to ensure that any accident and treatment are logged which could be vital to any future compensation claim.

All absences due to injury or illness sustained on the University premises must be reported to School of Engineering Administration, F339 and if a member of staff, should be indicated on the Sickness Absence form available from HR.

First Aid Boxes

First Aid Boxes are located with First Aiders and as indicated on the First Aid Poster.

If dressings (plasters etc.) are used it is the responsibility of the First Aider to replenish stocks. A stock of dressings and plasters are kept in the Engineering Stores. A list of contents for each First Aid Box is held by the Health and Safety Advisor and will be contained within each First Aid Box.