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Managing Your Health

A selection of guidance to support the School staff and students look after their health whilst at carrying out teaching and research:

Lab Coats and Coveralls - Guidance around choice and selection of lab coats and coveralls for the materials we use in the School

The information below is designed to provide you with information on the different types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is available to you which will do more than just to protect your clothes from getting dirty and/or contaminated. Personal protective equipment is designed to protect an individual and therefore should be considered as a last resort when it comes to managing health risks from working in a workshop or laboratory environment. If you can implement controls to manage the risks in any other way, these should be considered first. Of course it is recognised that there will be times when, subject to risk assessment, the use of PPE will be necessary in addition to the use of other controls and under these circumstances the following guidance should be consulted.

Before reading through Hearing and Hearing Protection, please refer to the Noise and Noise risk assessment instructions.

Hearing and Hearing Protection - Information about the importance of looking after your hearing and selection of hearing protection

Skin Care - Guidance around how to look after your skin including how to select the right type of glove for the materials you are working with

Respiratory Protective Equipment - Information on types of respiratory protective equipment and suitability of use

For persons who already have a medical condition which could be exacerbated by the work that you have to carry out whilst here at the University itis important that as a student, this is raised with your personal tutor and/or Supervisor, or as a member of staff, that this is brought to the attention of your line manager. Access to confidential advice is possible relating to this either through Student Services or via Occupational Health (if you are a member of staff).