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Committee Terms of Reference



Terms of reference (note that this is currently in draft and has not yet been agreed)

The Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the School of Engineering put in systems and processes that meet legislative needs, actively promote health, safety and wellbeing and operate at the forefront of good practice through the following activities:

  1. To support the designated Health and Safety Advisor in fulfilling his/her duties, whilst recognising that health and safety is everyone's responsibility within the school;
  2. To review and recommend changes to the School of Engineering health and safety arrangements whilst also recognising and commending good practice;
  3. To ensure that, across the School of Engineering, there is both leadership and a co-ordinated approach towards health and safety and that it is regarded as a positive contribution to the University’s core values and mission;
  4. To consider information on hazards, risks and accidents and ensure that appropriate actions are being taken;
  5. To initiate and monitor outcomes of local inspections/audits;
  6. To ensure that health and safety learning outcomes are effectively disseminated;
  7. To initiate and receive benchmarking reports to promote continual improvement in health and safety standards;
  8. To consider and advise on staff and student training needs in relation to health and safety;
  9. To consider and approve an annual report on health, safety and wellbeing issues affecting Engineering.

Frequency of meetings

The Committee will meet three times a year or more often if the Chair deems this necessary.


See Committee Constitution document


The Committee may require attendance and/or reports from other Health and Safety Committees.


The Facilities Manager will act as the Secretary to the Committee. Agendas, reports and minutes will be issued to all members of the constitution to ensure that they are kept informed and are able to disseminate information. In addition, minutes will be posted on the Engineering website.

Where appropriate, information from the School of Engineering Health and Safety Committee meeting will be considered by the University Health and Safety Committee.

Updated: 22nd December 2010