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The Bodywork manufacture is now almost complete, with the mould going into plaster today to be laid up tomorrow (Tuesday 29th April) in 1mm thick GRP.



Manufacture of the bodyowrk has been undertaken by Land Rover. A CAD model was produced, and offcuts were provided to construct an Amature out of which it could be cut using their 5-Axis milling facilities.


 Cut Armaturecut armature 2

The mould was then covered in plaster and polyester matting to produce the female mould:


Colour Scheme

This year's team has taken the view that while black was sleek, the W6 car didn't really stand out as much as it could have at the competition. W7 will be returning to colours more in keeping with the University, and will be mainly blue, but as bright as it can be so that the car can be much more prominent at Silverstone in 2008.

It is hoped that the colour will be as close to the following picture as possible, which was rendered using SolidWorks CAD software:


body render




......and finally, a massive thankyou to our main sponsor:


Land Rover Logo