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Click on the pictures below to see the concept design of the W7 car as it enters its final stages of development.

 news_render_1_thumb.jpg  news_render_2_thumb.jpg



This year we are entering Formula Student with a brand new design built completely from scratch. We aim to achieve a Top 10 ranking in the 2007/8 competition. This means that we must be both competetive on the track as well as in the static events, which judge aspects of the car such as asthetics, design quality and cost effectiveness.

We have three main objectives for the design of the W7 car:

  • Weight reduction - With a restricted engine our power output is limited, meaning that weight must be kept to an absolute minimum in order for the car to perform well on the track.

  • Simplicity - Keeping the design of the car as simple as possible has many advantages. It makes construction and maintenance of the car easy and intuitive, as well as reducing manufacturing costs. A simple design will also contribute towards completing our third objective:

  • Reliability - Neither the Warwick Formula Student team nor prospective buyers have the funds or the time available to continually repair and replace parts of our car. The W7 car must be robust enough to survive many trips to the racetrack and over a variety of road surfaces before any component fails. When a component does eventually fail, it must be easy and cost effective to repair or replace.


The team has been split into five main sub-groups, each responsible for a different aspect of the design of the W7 car. Click on their names in the list below or in the left-hand menu bar to get more information on their specific roles. The five sub-groups are as follows:

  • Bodywork - Responsible for the design and manufacture of the body panels, as well as the overall asthetic appearance of the car.

  • CAD - Tasked with producing a computer model of the finished car, with an error in accuracy of no more than 5%.

  • Chassis - Responsible for design of the spaceframe, suspension, steering, wheels and predal box.

  • Electrical - Responsible for all electrical systems in the car, such as electronic fuel injection and the dashboard.

  • Powertrain - In control of the engine, induction system, exhaust system, cooling system, fuel system, lubrication and differential system.