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CAD will play a vital role in all stages of development of this year's Warwick Formula Student car. Designs created in SolidWorks are managed in a fully integrated Product Data Management (PDM) system. PDMWorks® file management and collaboration software provides efficient access, storage and change control over the entire solid model of the car.

Our Objectives

This year we have set a number of key goals aimed at ensuring CAD and PDM are used to their full potential.

These include:

  1. Generating a fully accurate and representative solid model of the car, which when complete, will output a weight value +/-5% of the actual weight value of the car.
  2. Using PDM to fully integrate the design process with costing data.
  3. Using PDM to enable seamless collaboration with all units involves in the development of the Warwick Formula Student car.

Software Packages

To allow us to complete the above objectives, the team uses the following software packages: