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The electrical system is responsible for starting and stopping the car as well as feeding useful information back to the driver through the dashboard. For this years competition we hope to supply a fuel injection system, dashboard controls with strobing tachometer and increased reliability.



The main aim of the electronics should be to have a simple and reliable system that has been well engineered. Over complicated electronics should be kept to a minimum, as this can be a major reliability problem for the car as a whole. Overall the aims of the electronics division should be:

  • Produce a simple system that contains all the car electrics, dashboard controls and information displays (oil pressure light, gear change, water temperature light, tachometer), master switch, brake over travel switch, brake light and fuel injection ECU.
    • Produce a highly reliable system that is easy to fix or change if something goes wrong (by using a modular system in the loom)
    • Make the dashboard system as simple as possible to use during racing - over complicated displays distract the driver

    Dashboard Design

    CAD model of the dashboard


    • Reduce the load on the battery system as much as possible so we can use the smallest (and lightest) battery possible. Research more into battery technologies to try and save more weight

    • Create an electronic fuel injection system to run alongside the standard CDI controlling the ignition system. Dedicated fuel injection ECU from Kronenburg Managment Systems (shown right) selected. This will save cost and reduce complexity and improve reliability

    • Create a simple dashboard with minimal information such as water temperature warning light, oil pressure warning light and gear shift light.

    • We require (to comply to competition rules) a master switch, brake over travel switch and brake light

    • Loom – Create a new engine loom using a modular design so that parts can be removed/replaced easily

    KMS Fuel Injection ECU

    Fuel Injection ECU available from KMS

    Loom/Harness Circuit Diagram