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IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship

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Manish Manoj


Manish Manoj


School of Engineering,
University of Warwick


Automotive Engineering

How did you first hear about the IET and the IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships?

I was looking for scholarships from the University of Warwick, but they were all based on having an annual income less than a certain threshold. I then decided to look at the accreditations like IMechE and IET that accredit the Automotive Engineering Degree at Warwick. I thought that IET was more appealing to apply to as Automotive is not the same as Mechanical and also because of the internationally-renowned sponsors that come with IET scholarships.

What did you study at school and how has this influenced your education choices to date? e.g. were you always interested in engineering or did something in particular spark your passion?

I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Design & Technology at A- Level as well as Economics at AS-Level. I’ve wanted to be an engineer since undertaking a project set by the Chief Designer of Nokia; to make a portable speaker. At the end of the year, my design was shortlisted in the top 10 designs and hence I won their latest portable speaker as a prize. My passion for engineering was reinforced during my time as an Arkwright Scholar - I attended a Light Microscopy In Engineering Workshop as well attending lectures about CrossRail and hybrid air vehicles like the Airlander 10.

Why did you choose your university course? Tell us more about your degree e.g. what modules are you looking forward to and why?

I chose automotive engineering because my aspirational career path would be to work in motorsport. I have followed F1 since 2007 and would love to work as an aerodynamicist in F1 for a top team. I chose Warwick because they have many automotive companies situated around the university including: Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and F1 teams based close to Silverstone. This course was developed with these companies and hence they employ graduates from here - enhancing my chance to land a top job at a company I would like to work with. I am looking forward to Engineering Business Management and Engineering Design because of the Economics and DT I learnt at school. From year 2 onwards, I’m looking forward to Design for Vehicle Comfort/Safety as well as the maths modules in each year.

How will the scholarship help you during your studies? e.g. access to additional resources, reduced need for paid work, networking opportunities via the IET, etc

The scholarship will pay for costs towards attending networking events as well work experience/internships. It will also pay for textbooks in the second year of my degree and onwards as all textbooks are available online in my first year. New equipment like updated calculators and lab items will be purchased using the scholarship and I will attend events organised by the Engineering Society at Warwick using the scholarship.

Who or what inspires you, and why?

Fernando Alonso, a F1 driver, inspired me to get involved with motorsport because of his tenacity and hard- working attitude with whatever machinery he has got. Ivo Marlais, a student who went to my sixth form, is now working with Mercedes AMG Petronas as a Vehicle Dynamics & Simulation Engineer - he shows me it’s possible to get to my aspirational career with hard work. My head of department in sixth form was called Paul Dewstowe, he inspired me because of the vast amount of knowledge he has from working in the engineering field - I would someday want to know so much about the industry just like him.

How will you keep involved with the IET during your university course and after graduation?

I will take part in the work experience/internships offered to me by IET’s sponsors as well as regularly report back to IET with my progress and any engineering activities I’ve participated in. I will promote IET scholarships when I go into my school and other schools to talk about being an engineer.

What are your hobbies outside of studying? And are you involved in any STEM activities/volunteering? If so, what?

I volunteered to teach 11+ entrance exams, maths and English to primary school children for two years and I have also taken part in the NPL Water Rocket Challenge and the Wind Turbine Challenge. I’ve completed the Engineering Education Scheme where my team made a molecular weight sensor for Air Products, a chemical engineering company. I like to play sports - I’m heavily involved in cricket as I’ve played for the Borough of Middlesex as well as captained my school cricket team for 7 years. I like to play rugby and football as well. I’m a grade 6 pianist attaining 95/100 in my Grade 5 Mandatory ABRSM Theory exam and I also hold a diploma in Carnatic Singing.

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