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Posted to arXiv: Biophysical Model for Signal-Embedded Droplet Soaking into 2D Cell Culture

Our paper "Biophysical Model for Signal-Embedded Droplet Soaking into 2D Cell Culture" has been posted to arXiv. This paper presents our group's first experimental work with bacteria where we develop a model for liquid droplets soaking into an agar plate. We derive a channel response to describe the molecule dynamics within the agar and the molecules that get absorbed by bacteria growing on top of the agar. We use a basic experiment to estimate the droplet soaking parameters and use particle simulations for the diffusion and absorption processes. This work will be the foundation for us understanding how signals can propagate within and between surface bacterial communities. The paper was co-authored with Christophe Corre (University of Warwick School of Life Sciences and Department of Chemistry).

Fri 12 May 2023, 15:36 | Tags: arxiv, molecular communication