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4 Papers Presented at ACM NanoCom 2023

Four contributions from our research group were presented at ACM NanoCom 2023 which we also had the great pleasure of hosting here at Warwick! Thanks to an agreement between ACM and the University of Warwick, all four are freely available with Open Access from the ACM Digital Library.

The regular paper Biophysical Model for Signal-Embedded Droplet Soaking into 2D Cell Culture presents our group's first experimental work with bacteria where we develop a model for liquid droplets soaking into an agar plate. We derive a channel response to describe the molecule dynamics within the agar and the molecules that get absorbed by bacteria growing on top of the agar. We use a basic experiment to estimate the droplet soaking parameters and use particle simulations for the diffusion and absorption processes. The paper was co-authored with Christophe Corre (University of Warwick School of Life Sciences and Department of Chemistry).

Furthermore, we presented 3 poster papers:

  1. Role of Channel Capacity in Biofilm introduces the usefulness of the notion of communication channel capacity in biofilms. Yanahan Paramalingam was the first author.
  2. Generalized Model of Neurite Trafficking presents a Markov chain model for molecules being transported inside vesicles along the axon of a neuron. This paper was co-authored with Anne Straube (Warwick Medical School). Mahir Taher was the first author.
  3. On the Order Statistics of Chemical Kinetics and Their Role in Molecular Communication presents our first work to model the timing of chemical reaction events.
Wed 20 Sep 2023, 00:00 | Tags: conference, molecular communication