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Call for Papers - IEEE Globecom 2019

Submissions are now open for the 2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference (IEEE GLOBECOM). I am chairing the track on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications. Submissions are due 15 April 2019 via You can find a text version of the call in the detail of this news item, or get the PDF from here.

Tue 15 Jan 2019, 14:50 | Tags: cfp, conference, editorial, molecular communication

Posted to arXiv - On the Analysis of Bacterial Cooperation with a Characterization of 2D Signal Propagation

Our paper "On the Analysis of Bacterial Cooperation with a Characterization of 2D Signal Propagation" was posted to arXiv. This paper derives new results on diffusion with degradation over a 2D environment and applies them to a model for bacteria quorum sensing. We then use approximations to estimate the expected density of cooperating bacteria. The paper was co-authored with Yuting Fang, Nan Yang, and Andrew W. Eckford, and submitted to IEEE ICC 2019.

Tue 04 Dec 2018, 09:04 | Tags: arxiv, conference, molecular communication

Tutorial on Molecular Communication at IEEE GLOBECOM

I will be helping to deliver a tutorial on molecular communication at this year's IEEE GLOBECOM in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The full title is "Molecular Communication: Methods, Simulations, and Experiments" It will be presented with Andrew Eckford (York), Yansha Deng (KCL), and Nariman Farsad (Stanford). The tutorial will be held on Sunday, 9 December from 2pm-5:30pm.

Abstract: This tutorial introduces the emerging field of molecular communication wherein chemical signals are used to connect "tiny" machines such as living cells, synthetic biological devices and swarms of micro-scale robots. The tutorial begins with an overview of molecular communication systems and how they are modeled; each has a Transmitter, the Propagation Channel, and the Receiver, just as in a conventional communication system. Specific channel and noise models are presented and the derivation of channel impulse responses is discussed. Signal processing via chemical and genetic circuits is described. An overview and demonstration of specialized simulation tools is provided. The tutorial concludes with a discussion of the recent experimental implementations of molecular communication, and some of the most important open problems in this exciting new area.

My section of the tutorial will be on simulation methods, and will include a demonstration of the AcCoRD simulator.

To see about about the tutorial, including registration, please see here:

Mon 19 Nov 2018, 14:33 | Tags: conference, molecular communication, simulation, tutorial

Papers Accepted for IEEE GLOBECOM 2018

The following papers papers were accepted for presentation at the 2018 Global Communications Conference (IEEE GLOBECOM):

  • "Modeling Duct Flow for Molecular Communication" (link to arXiv version). This paper was co-authored with Wayan Wicke, Tobias Schwering, Arman Ahamdzadeh, Vahid Jamali, and Robert Schober.
  • "Transceiver Observations in Asymmetric and Symmetric Diffusive Molecular Communication Systems". This paper was co-authored with Lanting Zha, Yansha Deng, Maged Elkashlan, and Arumugam Nallanathan.

GLOBECOM will be in Abu Dhabi from 9-13 December, 2018.

Mon 16 Jul 2018, 21:28 | Tags: conference, molecular communication

Paper Accepted for IWMBMC workshop at IEEE SECON 2018

The paper "A New Simulation Algorithm for Absorbing Receiver in Molecular Communications" (link to arXiv version) was accepted for presentation at the 2018 International Workshop on Molecular, Biological and Multiscale Communications, which is being held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication and Networking (IEEE SECON). This paper was co-authored with Yiran Wang and Nan (Jonas) Yang. The workshop will be in Hong Kong from 11-13 June, 2018.

Wed 04 Apr 2018, 09:18 | Tags: conference, molecular communication, simulation