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Dr Bintian Lin

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Dr Bintian Lin

Assistant Professor Teaching and Research in Human Structures Dynamics 

Bintian dot Lin at warwick dot ac dot uk
+44 (0) 74 3626 4816

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Bintian joined the University of Warwick in November 2023 as an Assistant Professor in human-structure dynamics, after receiving his PhD from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. During his study for PhD, he had a one-year stay at the University of Exeter as a visiting student under the sponsorship of China Scolarship Council (CSC). He obtained B.Eng. degree in civil engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology in 2017.

Bintian is a member of the Human-Structure Dynamics Research Group, led by Prof. Stana Živanović.

Research Interests

Dr Bintian's interdisciplinary research interests are in human-induced vibrations of civil engineering structures, human-structure interactions, modelling of human locomotion and gait analysis. Human-induced dynamic loads are hard to predict, avoid or isolate for lightweight structures, arousing growing interest in the journey to net zero. Humans are known to interact with structural vibrations, e.g. the sway of Millennium Bridge. Bintian is developing a human model to capture dynamic human-structure interaction. For this purpose, he gained expertise in experimental gait analysis and conceptual human locomotion models.

PhD scholarships

If you are interested in human-structure dynamics, you are encouraged to send a written proposal explaining your research question and demonstrating your background and skills. You are welcome to book a meeting to check if there is a PhD scholarship opportunity. If you are a UK national, there will be a scholarship for UK students. For a Chinese student, Bintian is willing to help apply for the CSC-Warwick scholarship.

Teaching Interests

Dr Bintian is involved in teaching:

  • ES1A1 Engineering Mathematics
  • ES2C3 Civil Engineering Materials and Structural Analysis
  • ES2F3 Engineering Mathematics and Data Analytics
  • ES2C2 Civil Engineering Design 1
  • ES2F0 Civil Engineering Design

Selected Publications

Projects and Grants