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Dr Marina Antoniou

Dr Marina Antoniou

Associate Professor - Reader

BA, MEng, MA, PhD

Marina dot Antoniou at warwick dot ac dot uk


Dr Marina Antoniou is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick.

Marina holds a PhD, an MEng and BA from the University of Cambridge (Trinity College). She has been the holder of several highly competitive research fellowships and grants including the Royal Society Research Fellowship 2017 (SiC Power Devices for Smart Grid Systems, £860k), a Junior Research Fellowship (Selwyn College) and an Early Career EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics award, all of which involved the design and development of SiC or Si high power devices. Her work has been published as first authored papers in leading IEEE journals and has received awards at major international conferences. She has written five patents and two book chapters.

Marina is the Chair of the IEEE Electron Devices Society, Power Devices & ICs Committee (2022-2023), having previously served as committee member (2020-2021). Marina is also an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Electron DevicesLink opens in a new window, Elsevier Power Electronic Devices and Components and the Royal Society Philosophical Transactions ALink opens in a new window, the world's longest running science journal. She has previously served as a technical committee member for the IEDM (2020-2021), the leading international forum for reporting technological breakthroughs in the areas of semiconductor and electron device technology, design, manufacturing, physics, and modeling and the ISPSD (2015-2021), the leading international conference in the area of power semiconductor devices. She is also an Executive Committee member of the IET’s PEMD Technical Network (TN).

She has previously shadowed the Chief Scientific Advisor for the UK government (Department of Business Energy Innovation Strategy (BEIS)) as a Policy Associate sponsored by the Royal Society.

Research Interests

Power devices are the key elements for delivering and controlling power efficiently and reliably to electronics and electromechanical systems. They are relevant in several diverse domains ranging from domestic appliances and automotives to power systems and smart grids, providing an interface between electrical systems (e.g. asynchronous AC systems, AC/DC conversion) or enabling the control of power flow; nowadays virtually all electrical power passes through a power electronics device at least once on its journey from the power generating unit to the final load. There is an ever growing demand for power technologies that are cheaper, lighter, more reliable and more controllable. The future of power semiconductor devices is therefore driven by the need for power efficient modern electronic appliances as well as governmental and agency regulations to improve power quality and power efficiency limits. The main power device development trends have always focused on increasing the power ratings while at the same time improving the overall device performance in terms of efficiency, robustness, controllability and reliability under normal and fault conditions. The design of such devices is however in general a nontrivial task as on the one hand they must be able to sustain sufficiently high voltages and low on-state losses, while also being able to operate efficiently at high frequencies, which is a crucial requirement in many applications.

Research interests include:

  • Analysis, development, modelling of Power Electronics : Development of novel switches/devices for addressing issues of energy efficiency, reliability, sustainability and cost effectiveness of power switches for medium and high voltage applications
  • Design of Power Microelectronics Circuits
  • High Frequency power electronics/devices: Wide bandgap materials (SiC, Diamond)

Marina currently supervises four PhD students, and takes on 1-2 students per year. If you are interested in doing a PhD in SiC Power Semiconductor Devices, please contact me by email.

Teaching Interests

Selected Publications

Projects and Grants

Title Funder Award start Award end
A New Generation of Power Semiconductor Devices: the SiC SJ IGBT Royal Society 02 Jan 2019 31 Mar 2026
Silicon Carbide Power Conversion for Telecommunications Satellite Application EPSRC 01 Apr 2021 30 Sep 2024
RS DH Covid Extension (Antoniou) (original record 61843) Royal Society 01 Apr 2021 31 Mar 2022
A New Generation of Power Semiconductor Devices: the SiC SJ IGBT - RS Enhancement Award Royal Society 02 Jan 2019 31 Mar 2024
2.5kV SiC Power Devices for solar Inverters and HVDC grid applications Royal Society 01 Nov 2021 31 Oct 2023

If you are looking for a PhD scholarship, various opportunities exist including:

  • The School of Engineering Home Scholarship Scheme (SoE PSS) - Deadline March 2024


  • The Chancellor’s International Scholarship (for international fee paying students) - Deadline 14th December 2023


  • The Chinese Scholarship Scheme (CSC) – Deadline 16th January 2024


  • Monash Warwick Alliance Joint PhD Scholarships -Deadline 11th January 2024


  • Warwick Doctoral Access Scholarships – Sanctuary - Deadline 27th February 2024

If you are a UK national, you are invited to check with Marina if there is any other scholarship opportunities at any given time.