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Dr Mathias Foo

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Dr Mathias Foo

Assistant Professor

M dot Foo at warwick dot ac dot uk
+44 24 765 24649 (internal: 24649)

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I am currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering, University of Warwick, Coventry University, UK.

I obtained my PhD degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia, Melbourne, Australia in 2012, under the supervision of Prof. Erik Weyer, where I worked modelling and control design of river systems.

Prior joining University of Warwick, I was an Assistant Professor at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering, Coventry University, UK from 2018-2021, I was a Research Fellow in Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre (WISB), School of Engineering, University of Warwick, UK, in the research group of Prof. Declan Bates. from 2015-2018. I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) in Pohang, South Korea from 2012-2015, in the research group of Dr. Pan-Jun Kim. I was a tutor/lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University, Malaysia from 2002-2007.

Research Interests

My primary research interests are dynamical systems modelling and control of biological system. I have mostly studied on plant gene regulatory network and my research mainly focuses on application of engineering design principles for synthetic biology application to improve crop productivity.


  • 22 Nov 2022: Colin's paper on comparative analysis of actual implementation of two types of filter on high horse power diesel engine for back pressure control has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Engine Research. Well done Colin for the first of many publication!
  • 04 Oct 2022: Welcome Keng Han who will start his PhD project on modelling and control design of aquaponic system. Keng Han will be co-supervised by Prof. Declan Bates and Dr. Dina Laila.
  • 20 Sep 2022: Miao Lin's paper on review of LED driver topologies for smart farming application has been accepted for ICREC conference in France. Well done Miao Lin!

  • 31 Aug 2022: Miao Lin's paper on extended modellling of plant circadian clock for characterising flowering under different light qualities has been accepted for ICCAS conference in South Korea. Well done Miao Lin!

  • 5 Aug 2022: Ikenna's paper on accuracy evaluation of hand-eye calibration techniques for vision-guided robots has been accepted for publication in PLoS One. Well done Ikenna!


Postgraduate Level

  • ES4A3 Automobile Systems, Dynamics and Control

  • ES97J Computational Synthetic and Systems Biology
  • ES4F0 Advanced Control Systems

Undergraduate Level

  • ES3C8 Systems Modelling and Control
  • ES3J1 Advanced Systems and Software Engineering
  • ES2C6 Electromechanical System Design

  • ES2C1 Introduction to Biomedical and Clinical Engineering

Selected Publications (latest 3 years)

Full publication list can be found here (Google ScholarLink opens in a new window).


  • I. Enebuse, B. Ibrahim, M. Foo, R.S. Matharu, H. Ahmed, "An accuracy assessment of hand-eye calibration techniques in uncertain environment for vision guided robots", submitted.

  • A.H. Tan, D.S. Ong, M. Foo, "Estimation of battery internal resistance using built-in self-scaling method" submitted.

  • N.M.G. Paulino, M. Foo, T.F.A. de Greef, J. Kim, D.G. Bates, "A theoretical framework for implementable nucleic acids feedback systems" submitted.


  1. C. McGirk, H. Ahmed, M. Foo, A. Pike, Q. Lu, D.S. Laila (2022), "A comparative analysis of moving average filter and Kalman filter for large diesel engine test cell back-pressure control", to appear in International Journal of Engine Research.
  2. M.L. Pay, J. Christensen, F. He, L. Roden, M. Rasel, L. Tyler, H. Ahmed, M. Foo (2022), "A review of LED driver topologies and control methods for energy efficient smart farming application", to appear in Proceedings of International Conference on Renewable Energy and Conservation, 18-20 Nov, Paris, France.

  3. M.L Pay, J. Christensen, F. He, L. Roden, H. Ahmed, M. Foo (2022), "An extended plant circadian clock model for characterising flowering time under different light quality conditions", to appear in Proceedings of International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, 27 Nov - 1 Dec, Busan, South Korea.

  4. I. Enebuse, B. Ibrahim, M. Foo, R.S Matharu, H. Ahmed (2022), "Accuracy evaluation of hand-eye calibration techniques for vision-guided robots", PLoS One, 17, No. 10, e0273261.
  5. J. Ryan, S. Hong, M. Foo, J. Kim, X. Tang (2022), " Model-based investigation of the relationship between regulation level and pulse property of I1-FFL gene circuits", ACS Synthetic Biology, 11, 2417-2428.

  6. M. Foo, L. Dony, F. He (2022), "Data-driven dynamical modelling of a pathogen-infected plant gene regulatory network: a comparative analysis" BioSystems, 219, 104732.

  7. I. Kioutsoukis, M. Foo, A.H. Tan (2022), "Application of multi-input uncorrelated periodic signals for identification of active suspension system" Proceedings of Advances in Control and Optimization of Dynamical Systems, 22-25 Feb, Assam, India, pp. 229-234.
  8. M.L. Pay, D.W. Kim, D.E. Somers, J.K. Kim, M. Foo (2022), "Modeling of plant circadian clock for characterizing hypocotyl growth under different light quality conditions" in Silico Plants, 4, pp.1-15.
  9. M. Foo, O.E. Akman, D.G. Bates (2022), "Restoring circadian gene profiles in clock networks using synthetic feedback control" NPJ Systems Biology and Applications, 8, 7.
  10. J. Pereira, A.M. Mouazen, M. Foo, H. Ahmed (2021), "A framework of artificial light management for optimal plant development for smart greenhouse application" PLoS One, 16, No. 12, e0261281.
  11. A.H. Tan, M. Foo, D.S. Ong (2021), "Road classification using built-in self-scaling method of Bayesian regression", Journal of Sound and Vibration, 516, 116523.
  12. N. Horri, O. Haas, S. Wang, M. Foo, M.S Fernandez (2021), "Mode switching control using lane keeping assist and waypoints tracking for autonomous driving in a city environment", Transportation Research Record, 2676, pp. 712-727.

  13. I. Enebuse, M. Foo, B. Ibrahim, H. Ahmed, F. Supmak, O.S. Eyobu (2021), "A comparative review of hand-eye calibration techniques for vision guided robots", IEEE Access, 9, pp 113143-113155.

  14. S. Hong, D. Jung, J. Ryan, M. Foo, X. Tang, J. Kim (2021), "Design and evaluation of synthetic RNA-based incoherent feed-forward loop circuits" Biomolecules, 11, No. 8, 1182.

  15. N.M.G. Paulino, M. Foo, T.F.A de Greef, J. Kim, D.G. Bates (2020), "Minimally complex nucleic acid feedback control systems for first experimental implementations" Proceedings of IFAC World Congress, 11-17 July, Berlin, Germany, pp. 16745-16752.

  16. N.M.G. Paulino, M. Foo, J. Kim, D.G. Bates (2020), "On the stability nucleic acid feedback control system" Automatica, 16, 109103.

  17. M. Foo, D.G. Bates, O.E. Akman (2020), "A simplified modelling framework facilitates more complex representations of plant circadian clocks" PLoS Computational Biology, 16, No. 3, e1007671.

Projects (on-going)

  • Modelling and control design of aquaponic system
    • Collaborators: Keng Han Lee (PhD Student, Warwick), Prof. Declan Bates (Warwick), Dr. Dina Laila (UTB)
  • Development of optimal lighting system to improve crop productivity

    • Collaborators: Miao Lin Pay (Coventry), Prof. Jaekyoung Kim (KAIST), Dr. Daewook Kim (UMich), Prof. David Somers (OSU).

  • Design and evaluation of synthetic RNA-based Incoherent Feed-forward Loop circuit

    • Collaborators: Prof. Jongmin Kim (POSTECH), Seongho Hong (POSTECH), Dohyun Jung (POSTECH), Prof. Xun Tang (LSU), Jordan Ryan (LSU).

  • Modelling and control of diesel engine test cell exhaust pipe pressure

    • Collaborators: Colin McGurk (PhD Student, Coventry), Dr. Hafiz Ahmed (Bangor), Dr. Dina Laila (UTB), Dr. Qian Lu (Coventry), Dr. Andrew Pike (Coventry).

  • Hand-eye calibration for vision based robotic guidance

    • Collaborators: Ikenna Enebuse (PhD Student, Coventry), Dr. Hafiz Ahmed (Bangor), Dr. Babul Kader Ibrahim (Coventry)

Grants (Active)

  • £10k, British Council UK-Brunei Higher Education Teaching and Learning Partnership Grant, [PI] "Development of shared virtual teaching and learning tools for improved quality hands-on education in system engineering" (with Dr. Dina Shona Laila, Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Prof. Peter Mitchell, University of Bradford), 2022-2023.

  • £14.5k, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), [Co-I] "Real-time input design method with machine learning for cyber-physical system identification" (with Dr. Ai Hui Tan (PI), Prof. Duu Sheng Ong and Dr. Chin Leei Cham, Multimedia University), 2021-2023.

  • £1.05M, Future Leaders Fellowship, [Co-I] "Developing a synthetic signalling system capable of the precise spatial and temporal control of protein function in living cells" (with Dr. Byron Carpenter (PI), SLS, University of Warwick), 2020-2022.

  • £9.7k, MRC-KHIDI UK Korea Partnering Award [PI], "A framework for robust design of ribocomputing systems in probiotic strains for treating gastrointestinal disease" (with Dr. Jongmin Kim, POSTECH), 2019-2022.

Student Supervision


  • Keng Han Lee, PhD at University of Warwick (2022-present)
  • Miao Lin Pay, PhD at Coventry university (2020-present)

  • Colin McGirk, PhD at Coventry University (2020-present)

  • Ikenna Enebuse, PhD at Coventry University (2020-present)


  • Nuno Paulino, PhD, University of Warwick

  • Aleksandra Oswiecinska, PhD, Coventry University

  • Iulia Gherman, PhD, University of Warwick

  • Rucha Sawlekar, PhD, University of Warwick

  • Seunghyeon Kim, PhD, POSTECH