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About Us


We are a MEng 4th year project group

Whilst in 3rd year, students complete an individual project, in 4th year we complete a group project, working in parallel in a team of engineering students, integrating our different expertise.

Together, we solve problems, provide solutions and develop product. At the same time, we develop understanding in project management, time management, ethics, sustainability, health and safety amongst other soft skills.

Our team is made up of 5 Mechanical Engineering students and a Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering student. For more information of the different degree options available at the University of Warwick, please click here.

The project is new for the academic year of 2018/2019. The initial brief for the project was to produce a toy that is to represent the School of Engineering. From that, we developed a market, business needs and rationale for the product.

We first identified a business need. With that need in mind, we established a set of requirements for the toys to meet and began our decide around those specifications. See 'Learn more about the toy' pages for our design and manufacturing process.

These web pages are developed as an extension to the toy. As part of a drive to reduce waste, carbon footprint and take advantage of e-resources available to us, we decided to host our assembly instructions online. This allows us to provide to you exclusive contents, clearer to understand materials and spark your interest in the field of engineering.

Whilst our input to the toy is only for one academic year, we hope in the coming years other students will take over the project, develop a range of toys and further improve the resources on these pages.

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