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The Problem


Gift packs are boring

Every university gives gift packs. Apart from the branding, they invariably contain the same items – pens, paper pads, prospectuses and the occasional coasters. After a while they just sit in the corner of your room collecting dust.

We at Warwick like to be different. Why not offer something nobody else has? Something that truly represents engineering and at the same time does a much better job at marketing the University and the School.

Open day gifts need to inspire, attract and promote. What is better to give out than a build your own toy that gets your hands working, whilst learning fundamental engineering concepts. Hopefully, it will even turn those skeptical about engineering interested in it.


The toy has to fulfil these requirements

  • Be educational
  • Easy to identify engineering concepts
  • Promote the School of Engineering
  • High quality finish and durable
  • Suitable to a diverse audience


The toy also has to adhere to these constraints

  • Cost per unit under £2
  • Be safe to handle (toxic materials, small parts)
  • Be environmentally friendly
  • Project cost adhere to under £600
  • Use only household materials to assemble
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