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Research Projects

Soroush is currently the Principal Investigator (PI) for:

'Garbage In - Value Out' (GIVO-Warwick), Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), UK GOV. Project Start Date 30-01-2022 - Project End Date 31-10-2024. This project will develop and implement cutting-edge digital technologies to reduce the effects of plastic waste on the environment and enhance resource sustainability. (£1.6m)

'Plastic Recycling Enables Economic Value and an Enhanced Environment' (PREEVENT - Malaysia). Philanthropic funding. Project Start Date 01-05-2021 - Project End Date 31-12-2022. (£130k)

'Dynamics of pollution transport in constructed wetlands', Funded by NERC and Norfolk Rivers Trust, Project Start Date 01-10-2021 - Project End Date 31-03-2025.

Previous Projects:

'Enhancing Mangrove-Based Resilience Against Coastal Erosion and Storm Surges in Malaysia', GCRF, Project Start Date 15-01-2020 - Project End Date 30-01-2021

'Developing Innovative and Transdisciplinary Tools for Community-driven Holistic solutions to target Plastic Waste', GCRF, Project Start Date 15-01-2020 - Project End Date 30-01-2021

Blu Hope

Dr Abolfathi research team is part of Blu Hope Campaign aiming to protect biodiversity in the Coral Triangle region in Southeast Asia. The outcomes of Dr Abolfathi's GCRF projects will provide key data and evidence to facilitate science-led decisions and legislations to protect Coral Triangle and the wider Southeast Asia environment. 

and co-investigator on:

  • 'DITCh Plastic: Digital Innovations for Transitioning to a Circular plastic Economy', EPSRC, Project Start Date 01-05-2020 - Project End Date 01-05-2021- (£130k)

  • PATHWAYS and evolution of pollutants: Interactions between physical controlling effects, microbial community composition, and pollutant biodegradation, NERC, Project Start Date 30-01-2018 - Project End Date 29-01-2021

  • ECOSTRUCTURE: Climate Change Adaption through Ecologically Sensitive Coastal Infrastructure, 2014 - 2020 INTERREG V-A United Kingdom - Ireland (Ireland - Wales), Project Start Date 01-03-2017 - Project End Date 30-04-2021 -