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Our team has a range of facilities, both at the School of Engineering and at UHCW for the development of instruments that can be deployed in medical diagnostics. This includes:

  • A range of commercial Electronic Nose instruments, operating on a range of different operating principles and sensors
  • A series of 'in-house' custom electronic nose instruments, for tailored applications.
  • Extensive suite of modelling, data processing and PARC software.
  • Equipment for the capture and analysis of complex odours via GCMS.
  • Facilities for the design and manufacture of custom sensors and micro-systems

An example of a commercial electronic nose instrument (A Smith's Detection Cyrano A320) is shown below, as used for urine analysis.

At Warwick University the electronic nose and gas analysis equipment is housed with the Biomedical Sensors Laboratory. Please click here for more information on this lab.



Smith Detection - Cyrano A320