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Project Results

There are five ESRs working on five separate projects across the four work packages. The ESRs are trained in systems modelling tools and techniques enabling them to perform ground-breaking research in the emerging fields of QSP.

Work Package 1: Modelling does-response time outcome relationships

  • Project 1: Robert Andersson - Modelling Dose - Response Time Outcome Relationships
  • Project 2: David Janzen - Strutural Identifiability and Indistinquishability in Systems Pharmacology

Work Package 2: Modelling tissue (lung) target exposure

  • Project 3: Elin Boger - Modelling Tissue (lung) Target Exposure

Work Package 3: Modelling cardiovascular safety -target engagement - exposure

  • Project 4: Linnea Bergenholm - Modelling Cardiovascular Safety - Target Engagement - Exposure

Work Package 4: Deconvolution in non-linear ordinary differential equations for Quantitiative and Systems Pharmacology

  • Project 5: Magnus Tragardh - Deconvolution in Non-Linear Ordinary Differential Equations for Quantitative and Systems Pharmacology

As at the 31st March 2017 the project has produced the following deliverables:

Dissemination Activity Total Produced
Publications 11
Poster presentations 31
Conference papers/oral presentations 70
Total 112

In October 2016 acknowledgement of the value of the project was communicated amongst the AZ senior management with the publication of a project “postcard” summary.

The project is also one of the case studies in the UoW's "Warwick in Europe" website.