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Enhancing cybersecurity of connected medical devices: open challenges and risks - webinar presentation by Salvatore D'Antonio on 31.03.22

As the IoT era is spreading its wings wider, thousands of connected devices are becoming part of every-day life in hospitals and clinics: wearable monitoring devices (glucometers, thermometers, smart storage systems, etc.), wireless insulin providers. These devices can provide life-saving treatments, such as administering medication, regulating heartbeats and monitoring blood pressure. However, the use of connected medical devices in hospitals multiplies the number of possible attack points. Despite these positive outcomes, being connected to the Internet can expose these devices to cyber threats and increase the risk of harm to patients by disrupting or degrading the devices’ performance.

To watch Salvatore's presentation, register for the free Hospital Disaster Preparedness webinar at:

An open discussion will follow all presentations, moderated by Prof Leandro Pecchia and Dr Yadin David.

The webinar is free and takes place on 31st March 2022 at 1pm CET.

Fri 18 Mar 2022, 09:20