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ABSPIE publication success – Sustainability across the Medical Device Lifecycle: A Scoping Review

This interdisciplinary project, co-sponsored by the Health GRP and the Innovative Manufacturing and Future Materials GRP, was undertaken by Dr Davide Piaggio, Dr Alessia Maccaro and Mr Pedro Checa (ABSPIE lab), Dr Luis Montesinos, Dr Javier Maldonado-Romo (Tecnologico de Monterrey), Mr Stefano Capacci (Longevity Partners) and Ms Mireya Fabregat (ENSHPO). The article discusses key points learned from the literature in terms of improving the sustainability of the medtech industry.

The medical device industry, in fact, plays a crucial role in healthcare, but its waste generation poses a significant challenge. This article offers a comprehensive exploration of sustainable practices throughout the medical device lifecycle, promoting a path towards a greener future.

Dive into solutions for:

- Design: Fostering devices built for repairability and recyclability.

- Manufacturing: Embracing sustainable materials and minimizing waste.

- Use: Extending device lifespans and optimizing energy consumption.

- End-of-life: Reprocessing and recycling materials for a circular economy.

More than just theory, this article:

- Presents actionable strategies for implementation.

- Highlights potential cost savings and environmental benefits.

- Encourages collaboration within the healthcare industry.

- Examines the related ethical challenges.

Ready to contribute to a more sustainable healthcare future? Read the full article and share your insights!

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