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News: ABSPIE recent initiatives

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Latest paper published:- Biomedical engineering and ethics: reflections on medical devices and PPE during the first wave of COVID-19 (September 2021)

Our latest paper on the interconnection between #science and #ethics, with a specific focus on #biomedicalengineering, #PPE, and #COVID19 is finally out.

In March 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that humanity was entering a global pandemic phase. This unforeseen situation caught everyone unprepared and had a major impact on several professional categories that found themselves facing important ethical dilemmas. The article revolves around the category of biomedical and clinical engineers, which were among those most involved in dealing with and finding solutions to the pandemic.

Thu 30 Sep 2021, 14:05 | Tags: COVID19, COV2

ABSPIE Lab COVID-19 contingency activities

The Applied Biomedical Signal Processing Intelligent eHealth (ABSPIE) Lab has been deeply dealing with COVID-19 since the first few cases in the UK.

Led by Dr Pecchia, the ABSPIE Lab multidisciplinary Team has been involved in several activities, briefly described below, giving a significant contribution to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.