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Machine Learning

Engineering applications of intelligent systems. Research focuses on Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Genetic Algorithms (GAs), Fuzzy Logic (FL), and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems (NFS). Applications areas include sensors, computer networks, as well a number of manufacturing and medical techniques. 

Intelligent Systems have been applied to many problems in Communications and Signal Processing such as:

  • [Paper] H. Kusetoğullari, M. H. Sharif, M.S. Leeson and T. Celik, “A Reduced-Uncertainty Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Dynamic Shortest-Path Routing Problem”, Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, vol. 24, no. 5, article 1550067 [42 pages], 2015.
  • [Paper] L. P. Karunarathne, M. S. Leeson and E. L. Hines, “Evolutionary Minimization of Network Coding Resources”, Applied Artificial Intelligence, vol. 28, no. 9, pp. 837-858, 2014.
  • [Paper] H. Kusetoğullari, M.S. Leeson, B. Kole and E. L. Hines, “Meta-heuristic Algorithms for Optimized Network Flow Wavelet-based Image Coding”, Applied Soft Computing, vol. 14, part C, pp. 536-553, 2014.
  • [Paper] J. Yang, H. Singh, E. L. Hines, F. Schlaghecken, D. D. Iliescu, M. S. Leeson and N. G. Stocks, “Channel Selection and Classification of EEG Signals: A Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm-based approach”, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, vol. 55, no.2, pp.117-126, 2012.

Historically, these activities were led by Professor Evor Hines but he has recently retired so enquiries concerning this still active area of research should be made to Dr Mark Leeson.

    Academic Contact

    Dr M S Leeson
    MDH GA