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Connected Systems

Connected Systems Connected Systems word cloud 

The Challenges

Connectivity is the defining feature of the modern world and has enabled many of the exciting technologies that we have come to rely upon every day. From personal social interactions to crowd-driven applications, from device-to-device communication to long-distance remote sensing, from vehicular networks to smart infrastructure, integrating computation with varied methods of communication is fundamental to this advancement. As this trend continues apace, we must address questions of how to scale bandwidth to support orders of magnitude more connected devices, how to integrate more intelligence in these constrained systems, and how to do this within a more environmentally conscious power budget.

Our Research

The Connected Systems Group brings together academics and research staff with interests in radio and optical communications and networks, nanoscale communications, embedded computation, and the tight interplay between computation and communication to explore technologies for transforming how we live and interact with modern infrastructure and services, from online processing and autonomous adaptive systems, to secure networks and wireless systems.

Communication Systems Lab

Leads research in underwater optical communications to achieve high data rates, wireless system design and analysis, energy harvesting techniques, wireless relaying and sensing, and cognitive radios.

Adaptive and Reconfigurable Computing Lab

Research in reconfigurable computing with FPGAs, applied to domains from automotive systems, through communications, to datacenter accelerators, focused on the interface between computation and communication in an embedded context.