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People - Dr Dacheng Li


Dr Dacheng Li

Academic Visitor


University of Warwick
School of Engineering
United Kingdom


Dr Dacheng Li received B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Design and Theory from Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Under the guidance of his supervisor Prof. Jinji Gao, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, he conducted the research on optimization for energy systems and equipments. Since he graduated, he moved to the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and joined the Center for Energy Storage Science and Engineering.

Research Interests

  • Dynamic operation optimization for energy systems based on energy storage
  • Demonstration application of energy system based on PCM thermal storage and compressed air storage
  • Establishment and application of energy management platform
  • Optimization design and control for compressor/expender

Journal Articles

[1] Dacheng Li*,Haiqi Wu,Jinji Gao.Experimental study on stepless capacity regulation for reciprocating compressor based on novel rotary control valve.International Journal of Refrigeration,Volume 36,Issue 6,1701-1715,2013.(SCI)
[2] Dacheng Li*,Yun Huang,Hua Yao,Yulong Ding.Dynamic Thermal Management for Industrial Waste Heat Recovery based on PCM Thermal Storage.Symposium of Chinese chemical society annual conference,2015.(Chinese)
[3] Peilun Wang*,Dacheng Li,Yun Huang,Xingang Zheng,Yi Wang,Zhijian Peng,Yulong Ding.Numerical study of solidification in a plate heat exchange device with a zigzag configuration containing multiple phase-change-materials.Energies,Volume 394,Issue 9,2016.(SCI)
[4] Yongliang Li,Xiang Wang, Dacheng Li,Yulong Ding*.A trigeneration system based on compressed air and thermal energy storage.Applied Energy,Volume 99,Issue 12,316-323,2012. (SCI)
[5] Zhiwei Ge,Yongliang Li,Dacheng Li,Ze Sun,Yi Jin,Chuanping Liu,Guanghui Leng,Chuan Li,Yulong Ding*.Thermal energy storage:challenges and the role of particale technology.Particuology,Volume 15,2-8,2014.(SCI)
[6] Yongliang Li,Hui Cao,Shuhao Wang,Yi jin,Dacheng Li,Xiang Wang,Yulong Ding*.Load shifting of nuclear power plants using cryogenic energy storage technology.Applied Energy,Volume 113,Issue 12,1710-1716,2014. (SCI)
[7] Yao Hua,Huang Yun*,Xingang Zheng,Dacheng Li,Yulong Ding,Jia'an Wang,Guangyu Ma.Current situation of mobilized thermal energy storage technology and its problem discussion.Energy Storage Science and Technology,Volume 5,Issue 6,897-908,2016.(Chinese)


  • Yulong Ding*,Yongliang Li,Dacheng Li,Jonathan Radcliffe,Yun Huang.Cryogenic Energy Storage,A chapter for Handbook of Clean Energy Systems.WILEY,2015

Major Projects

[1] Key deployment project of Chinese Academy of Sciences <Establishment and optimization of 2MW-level demonstration system for waste heat recovery of sintering process> (Approved Grant No. KGZD-EW-302-5)
Role: Project leader
[2] Key deployment project of Chinese Academy of Sciences <Establishment of demonstration system for industry waste heat efficient recovery based on energy storage> (Approved Grant No. KGZD-EW-302-1)
Role: Responsible for establishment of demonstration energy system based on PCM thermal storage and compressed air storage, dynamic analysis of system operation, design of energy management platform.
[3] Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (“973” Program) Projects<Integration mechanism and optimization design of supercritical compressed air energy storage system>
Role: Assist to dynamic model establishment of energy storage unit and system optimization.