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Tsinghua University (TSU) has been consistently rated as the top university for Engineering in mainland China in national and international rankings. The Hydraulic Engineering Department of TSU has a long history of conducting physical tests, field observations of landslides and debris flows.

Multi-scale mechanics has been employed for the analysis and prediction of landslides. Current research also focuses on constitutive modelling of soils, anti-seismic engineering, properties of geo-synthetics, rock mechanics and environmental geotechnical engineering. Within the framework of the IRSES project, exhanges were carried out mainly with the University of Edinburgh (UE) and the University of Warwick (UWA).

• Research activities/achievements within Geohazards and Geomechanics project

- Multi-state behavior of granular materials
- Granular elasticity

Lateral profiles of the granular collapse.  (Liu et al., 2015).

Lateral profiles of the collapse of a granular column (Liu et al., 2015).

• Relevant Publications

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