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Systems and Control - An Introduction to Systems, Signal Processing and Linear Control

Systems and Control

This book introduces system theory, signal processing techniques and linear control for continuous and discrete systems. The topics covered include Laplace transform, Z transform and transfer function; time domain and frequency responses; filter design; dynamic response and stability of control systems; and PID controllers.

Table of Contents

Tardi Tjahjadi Publications, 2004, 203mm x 134mm, 202 pages, ISBN 0-9549215-0-X.

Price: 40 GBP

Please email if you wish to purchase a copy of the book. N.B. If you are a member of the University of Warwick then please come to Room A301 to purchase the book as it will be cheaper and quicker for you to get the book. Note also there is NO credit card facility if you wish to purchase the book directly from the author. Alternatively you may purchase the book from any internet bookshops.