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Bounded Diffusion for Multiscale Edge Detection Using Regularized Cubic B-Spline Fitting

Liang K-H, Tjahjadi T & Yang Y-H

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, vol. 29, no. 2, April 1999, 291-297


This paper shows that in edge detection the regularization factor alpha is a better scale parameter than the standard deviation (sigma) of the Gaussian pre-filter. The alpha scale space, which exhibits the evolutionary behaviour of an edge in various scales, is the basis for the design of a multiscale edge detector (MRCBS). In MRCBS, the scale is determined adaptively according to the local noise level; the thresholds which control the amount of edge details are adjusted according to the scale; and the anisotropic diffusion is applied in the finest scale to further suppress noise.