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The MNR4SCell project will develop the leading edge technologies for the design, modelling, and control of micro/nano robotics and their applications in single cancer cell measurement, characterisation, manipulation, and surgery. The ultimate goal of MNR4SCell is to establish long-term international and multidisciplinary research collaboration between Europe and China in the challenging field of micro/nano robotics for single cancer cells in the characterisation, diagnosis and targeted therapy. The synergistic approach and knowledge established by MNR4SCell will serve as the building blocks of the micro/nano robotics and biomedical applications, and thus keep the consortium’s leading position in the world for potential major scientific and technological breakthroughs in nanotechnology and cancer therapy.afm-1AFM-image

The MNR4SCell project brings together 12 leading research institutions in Europe and China, specialising in a wide range of disciplines including micro/nano robotics, metrology and characterisation, bio-nanotechnology, cell biomechanics, and nano handling and manipulation. The consortium will provide the complementarities and synergies between the partners to solve the emerging issues. To structure the proposed research, 6 main work packages have been identified, and each of which will focus on a different key area of the project. Three of these relate to the research, namely “Fundamental exploration of micro/nano robotics” (WP3), “Micro/nano robotic systems” (WP4), and “Manipulation and measurement of single cancer cells” (WP5). In addition, we have identified three further work packages entitled “Project management” (WP1), “Knowledge base setup and road mapping” (WP2), and “Dissemination and exploitation” (WP6) that will top and tail the project in order to ensure the overall cohesion of the network, suitability of the training, and the timely and effective dissemination of the technology to the wide communities.