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Structural Engineering

Struct Eng

Our Structural Engineering Research

Below are listed key phrases for research interests with names of lead researchers. For details of their existing and future research portfolio, current projects, national and international links and research opportunities go to their personal web-page using the link on the right-hand side of this page. Research is driven by University, national and global priorities centred on resilient infrastructure, and low carbon and sustainable construction.

Activities within the structures engineering group at Warwick are on:

  • Steel-concrete composite structures and steel structures (Professor Stephen Hicks, Dr Merih Kucukler)
  • Reinforced concrete structures (Dr Reyes Garcia, Professor Stephen Hicks, Professor Georgia Kremmyda, Dr Justin Russell)
  • New construction materials and their structures (FRP, stainless-steel and novel concretes) ( Dr Reyes Garcia, Professor Stephen Hicks, Dr Merih Kucukler, Professor Toby Mottram, Dr Justin Russell)
  • Rehabilitation and strengthening of existing structures (Dr Reyes Garcia, Professor Stephen Hicks, Professor Toby Mottram)
  • Application of 3D printed steel for structural engineering applications (Professor Toby Mottram)
  • Fire engineering (Professor Stephen Hicks, Dr Merih Kucukler)
  • Earthquake engineering and risk assessment of structures (Dr Reyes Garcia, Dr Irwanda Laory)
  • Monitoring the behaviour of existing structures using integrated communication and sensor systems (Dr Irwanda Laory - Structural Health Monitoring (SHM))
  • Transfer of research into design guidance (rules) for codes of practice (design standard) (All the above)
  • Experimental and computational dynamic analysis of civil engineering structure (Dr Justin Russell)