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DTU publications on humanitarian landmine clearance

The main internal publications of the DTU are Working Papers, Technical Releases and Research Notes. Most DTU publications are available here for download and hard copies of Working Papers are available free on request to the DTU. Technical Releases will also be sent free on request but only to addressees in developing countries.

  • Technical Releases contain descriptions of designs/techniques for use by manufacturers, extension agents and users of equipment, written in fairly simple English to make them more accessible to technicians speaking other languages.
  • Working Papers are used for descriptions of research findings and are written for a "professional" audience: comments are welcome. In some cases revised versions are subsequently published in outside journals.
  • Externaly reviewed publications have mainly been published in books, journal articals and conference proceedings. When available, we provide a link to the published document and where there is a cost for the publication and copywrite restrictions allow, a free copy of the final draft submitted before publication. Other externally reviewed publications available here are substantive Project Reports which have been presented to various sponsors of our work and post-graduate theses.

  • Research Notes are smaller outputs from our research,progress reports of research undertaken by the DTU but as yet incomplete, case study material, and exceptional undergraduate research reports. Often these notes form the basis of fuller Working Paper. This section also contains

Working Papers

WP48 Materials for Low-Cost Building in North-East Nigeria (1991) Abstract Full Document (40pp, 800kb) (PDF Document)
WP54 Soil Testing for Soil-Cement Block Preparation (1993) Abstract Full document (16pp, 3.0Mb) (PDF Document)

Externally Reviewed

Thomas & Smith, Washington conf,1996 Developing New Equipment for Use in Sustainable Mine Clearance Programmes: the Example of Locally Manufactured Protective Clothing   Paper available on Request
Thomas & Smith, Roy. Eng. J., 100(2), 1996 Sustainable Methods for Clearing Landmines after Conflicts   Paper available from the the Institution of Royal Engineers
Gasser, SusDem 97, 1997 Development of Tools for the Sustainable Demining of Farmland   Paper available from MAIC at the James Madison University
Gasser & Thomas, 2nd IEEE mine detect Conf., 1998 Prodding to detect mines: a technique with a future Abstract Paper from the conference site