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Externally reviewed output on building materials

Name Description
Kerali, PhD Thesis, 2001 Durability of Compressed and Cement-Stabilised Building Blocks
Montgomery, PhD Thesis, 2002 Dynamically-Compacted Cement Stabilized Soil Blocks for Low-Cost Walling
Kerali & Thomas, Build. Res. Inform. 30(5), 2002 Effect of mix retention and curing on low-cement walling blocks
Thomas & Kerali, Build. Res. Inform. 32(2), 2004 Simple durability test for cement stabilized blocks
Still & Thomas, AAC 105(4), 2006 Mix proportioning of mortars in tension, with particular reference to developing countries
Fernandes et. al., Cem. Concr. Res. 37(5), 2006 The effect of clay content in sands used for cementitious materials in developing countries
Still, PhD Thesis, 2007 Methods for Reducing the Cost of Cementitious Building Components in Developing Countries, with Particular Reference to Rainwater Harvesting