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DTU Working Paper: WP32 - Potential for Non-motorised Irrigation of Small Farms in Manicaland

C.E. Oram & T.H. Thomas (1994)

This short paper reviews the demand for rural transport services and discusses the present inadequacy of such provision in Sierra Leone. It examines the main transport modes that might meet its transport needs and concludes that both animal power and assisted human powered transport have the potential for a significant contribution. The focus of the paper is on the provision of vehicles rather than on the provision of roads and paths, and various interventions are suggested relating to the use and manufacture of such vehicles. In this context manufacturer training, marketing and vehicle design, are discussed. It is concluded that small town manufacturers and artisans are the most appropriate sources of vehicles for rural transport and that their needs for profit and return on labour must be met if there is to be any hope of sustainable development.

Note: scan of the original document.


Full Document: (15pp, 780kb) (PDF Document)