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Working Papers

The main internal publications of the DTU are Working Papers, Technical Releases and Research Notes. Most DTU publications are available here for download in a number of formats and hard copies of Working Papers are available free on request to the DTU. Technical Releases will also be sent free on request but only to addressees in developing countries.

Working Papers are used for descriptions of research findings and are written for a "professional" audience: comments are welcome. In some cases revised versions are subsequently published in outside journals.
Name Description
WP32 Potential for Non-motorised Irrigation of Small Farms in Manicaland (1991)
WP33 Performance Comparison of DTU and Commercial Hydraulic Ram Pumps (1991)
WP34 The Treadle Pump (1991)
WP35 Materials for Low-Cost Building in North-East Nigeria (1991)
WP38 Soil Testing for Soil-Cement Block Preparation (1993)
WP39 The Performance Testing of Treadle Pumps (1993)
WP40 Quasi-Static Compression Forming of Stabilised Soil-Cement Building Blocks (1993)
WP41 Algebraic Modelling of the Behaviour of Hydraulic Ram Pumps (1994)
WP42 Low-Cost Rural Transport in Sierra Leone (1994)
WP43 African Ox-Cart Design and Manufacture (1994)
WP44 The Potential of Cement-Stabilised Building Blocks as an Urban Building Material in Developing Countries (1995)
WP45 Preliminary Study of Rainwater Harvesting in Mid-West Uganda (1995)
WP46 Operating Strategies for Hydropower Systems using Unregulated Turbines (1996)
WP48 Equipment for Post-conflict Demining, A study of requirements in Mozambique (1996)
WP49 Underground Storage of Rainwater for Domestic Use (1997)
WP50 Guttering Design for Rainwater Harvesting (1997)
WP51 Economic Utilisation of Water Hyacinth on Lake Victoria (1998)
WP52 Destructive Effects of Moisture on the Long Term Durability of Stabilised Soil Blocks (2000)
WP53 Dynamic Compaction of Soil for Low-cost Building Blocks (2000)
WP54 Problem of Evaluating Performance of Landmine Detection Systems (2000)
WP55 Very low cost Roofwater Harvesting in East Africa (2000)
WP56 The Optimum Sizing of Gutters for Domestic Roofwater Harvesting (2002)