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Useful Links

Rainwater Harvesting in Developed Countries

Experiments in sustainable urban living

Information about a rainwater catchment system built as part of an experiment in sustainable urban living in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Texas Rainwater Harvesting Project

Includes an excellent Rainwater harvesting guide

Sustainable Building Sourcebook Website

Another site from Austin Texas, includes info on system specification, sizing, etc.

The Green Shop

UK Retailer of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

South Australian Water Corporation

The water authority of South Australia. Very active in rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting: a new water source

A look at rainwater harvesting in Texas and throughout history (and prehistory)

T.R.E.E.S project

Integrated rainwater harvesting, stormwater management and pollution control. Includes a interactive cistern model for Los Angeles

Rainwater Harvesting in Developing and Transitional Countries

UNEP Sourcebooks of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augmentation

includes some useful information on RWH

Sourcebook for Africa

Sourcebook for some Asian countries

Sourcebook for Latin America and the Caribbean

Sourcebook for small island developing states

Centre for Science and the Environment (CSE) rainwater harvesting page

Avery active Indian Group

Waterlines Technical Briefs

A set of technical notes on various aspects of water supply including rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Associations

International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

Japan Rainwater Catchment Association

Bangalore Rainwater Club

Fachvereinigung Betriebs- und Regenwassernutzung e.V. (fbr)


World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)

National Climate Data Centre

Large data repository of monthly and daily data for both USA and many worldwide sites. Can be difficult to navigate and data is often delivered in VERY large files with many sites

Global Daily Summery Database

Large database of daily data for 10,000 stations worldwide between 1977 and 1991. Datasets are of variable completeness.

Sim Tanka

A free programme developed by the Ajit Foundation for simulating rainwater harvesting system with covered storage tanks


GARNET Network

The Global Applied Research Network (GARNET) Rainwater Harvesting Topic Network. This topic is coordinated from Warwick and brings together professionals, academics and practitioners from around the world. The associated email forum is listed below

GARNET Network e-mail forum

Email forum for the GARNET Rainwater Harvesting Network. Join the list, browse archives or look at list related files and web pages. The list brings together about 100 (as of November 2000) professionals, academics and practitioners from around the world.