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Seminar Programme - Civil Research Group

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Autumn Term 2021 (online via Teams)

November 24th: Assistant Professor Martina Siena from Politecnico di Milano

"Statistical characterization of the spatial heterogeneity of calcite dissolution rates"

October 20th: Associate Professor Lysandros Pantelidis from Cyprus University of Technology

"The Generalized Coefficients of Earth Pressure: A Unified Approach"

Spring Term 2021 (online via Teams)

April 7th: Ahmed S. Khaled (PhD student) and Derek Ma (PhD student) from University of Warwick

"Damage detection on Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structures using machine and deep learning methodologies" & "Landslide risk assessment with material point method and generalized multivariate geotechnical random field theory"

February 24th: Patrick Chao (PhD student) and Nima Sarmadi (PhD student) from University of Warwick

"Creep testing of soil-geocomposite interfaces during drying-wetting cycle" & "Computational modelling of fluid-driven fracture propagation in brittle porous rocks"

Spring Term 2020

April 22nd: Patrick Chao (PhD student) and Ahmed S. Khaled (PhD student) from University of Warwick

"Creep testing of soil-geocomposite interfaces during drying-wetting cycle" & "Damage detection on Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structures using machine and deep learning methodologies"

March 11th: Arya Panji Pamuncak (PhD student) and M. G. Nipuni Odara (PhD student) from University of Warwick

"Deep Learning for Structural Health Monitoring" & "Turbulent mixing in vegetated estuaries: A study on longitudinal mixing with the effects of currents and waves"

February 12th: Elisa Baioni (PhD student) and Hesamoddin Dejaloud (PhD student) from University of Warwick

"Solute mixing in the hyporheic region" & "A micromechanical-based constitutive model for fibrous fine-grained composite soils"

Spring Term 2019

March 6th: Dr Ieuan Rickard from OFR Consultants and Dr Alan Bloodworth from University of Warwick

Development of a novel test method for heat-induced explosive spalling of concrete tunnel linings" & "A laboratory study on wave overtopping at vertical seawalls"

Autumn Term 2018

December 4th: Ms Zeina AL-Nabulsi and Mr Luke Evans from University of Warwick

"Potential for Metal 3-D printing in structural Engineering" & "Immediate minimisation of impact from tunnelling on neighbouring structures"

Spring Term 2018

June 28th: Dr Wang-Ji Yan from University of Nottingham and Mr Md Salauddin from University of Warwick

"Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification & Propagation in System Identification for SHM" & "A laboratory study on wave overtopping at vertical seawalls"

May 23rd: Dr Darius Seyedi, Agence nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs (ANDRA), Paris, France

On the excavation induced fractures around in the Meuse/Haute-Marne Underground Research Laboratory

March 7th: Mr Amro El-Zehairy and Mr Derek Ma, University of Warwick

"Pore network modelling of flow and solute transport in porous media" & "Failure mechanisms of rockslides triggered by precipitation & mining in Emei, Sichuan, China"

January 31st: Prof Giovanni Lancioni, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

A Variational Approach to Ductile Damage

Summer Term 2017

May 18th: Dr Christoforos Dimopoulos

A novel rocking self-centering column base for seismic hazard mitigation

Spring Term 2017

January 16th: Dr Rafael Castro-Triguero, University of Cordoba

Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Structures: SHM Applications

January 26th: Dr Jose L. Curiel-Sosa, University of Sheffield

Modelling Damage and Fracture in Composites

Feburary 2nd: 3rd year Civil Engineering PhD students

Feburary 9th: Dr Gary Fowmes: University of Warwick
Geosynthetic Prototyping and Development

Feburary 23rd: Professor Zhenyu Yang, Coventry University

Multi-scale Characterisation and Modelling of Concrete and Fibre Reinforced Composites

March 2nd: 3rd year Civil Engineering PhD students

March 9th: Dr Christoforos Dimopoulos, University of Warwick

March 16th: Dr Xiaojun Wei, University of Warwick

Summer Term 2015

May13th: Prof. Jon Coaffee, University of Warwick

Resilient Design and the search for combinational expertise

May 18th: Dr Ruben Rodari, Univerity of San Juan

Modelling Geomechanical Problems with the Material Point Method

June 10th: Prof. Larry Bank, The City College of New York

Is Structural Engineering Sustainable?



Spring Term 2015

January 15th: Dr. Georgia Kremmyda, University of Warwick

Earthquake resilient precast structures: Learn from the past; Prepare for the future

February 3rd at 5pm in A401: Mr. Nick Sartain, Lead Geotechnical Engineer at HS2 Ltd

Geotechnical challenges of HS2

February 12th: Prof. Chris Rogers, University of Birmingham

Future Liveable Cities – A Transformative Brief for Engineers and Engineering

March 11th: Dr. Matteo Ciantia, Imperial College

A micromechanical investigation of the incremental behavior of crushable granular soils

Autumn Term 2015

October 14th Wednesday at 4pm in A401: seminars by second year civil PhD students

October 23rd Friday at 12 in F1.11: Mr Eduardo Martin, University of San Juan (San Juan, Argentina)

Application of the Discrete Element Method to the Study of the Cyclic Resistance of Gravelly Soils

November 20th: Prof Toby Mottram, University of Warwick

Simple Design Approaches and New Ways for Composite Materials

Autumn Term 2014

October 8th: 2nd year Civil Engineering PhD students' seminar

October 22nd: 2nd year Civil Engineering PhD students' seminar

November 11th: 5pm, A401, Dr John Macdonald, Univeristy of Bristol
Wobbly Bridges and Why People Don’t Fall Over

November 26th: 4pm, A401, Prof. Ian Guymer, University of Warwick
Modelling Mixing Mechanisms

December 10th: 1pm, A401, Dr Yu Bai, Monash University, Australia
Pultruded FRP Composites for Modular Structural Construction

Spring Term 2015

January 7th: 3rd year Civil Engineering PhD students

January 28th: 3rd year Civil Engineering PhD students

February 11th: Dr Xueyu Geng, University of Warwick

Soft soils improvement by PVDs for railway embankment

February 18th: Dr Stephen Wallis, Heriot-Watt University

Estimating re-aeration coefficients for rivers

Summer Term 2015

May 6th: 1st year Civil Engineering PhD students

May 13th: Dr F. Freddi, University of Trento

Title: Local engineering demand parameters for seismic risk evaluation of low ductility reinforced concrete buildings

June 3rd: Dr. Benoit Jones, University of Warwick

Stress, strain and the art of tunnelling

June 10th: Prof. W. Lewis, University of Warwick

Modelling of Minimum Energy Forms of Structures with Analogy to Nature

June 17th: Dr Sakdirat Kaewunruen, University of Birmingham

New Materials, Design and Analysis of Railway Turnout Systems

June 17th at 5pm: Ms Giulia Macaro, University of Oxford

Distinct element modelling of pipe–soil interaction for offshore pipelines on granular soils

July 22nd: Mr Stuart Gale, University of Warwick

Computational patterning methods for tensioned fabric structures. Use of a discrete model.

Summer Term 2014

May 7th: Dr George Kamaris from University of Warwick.
Damage-based design of steel structures (abstract)
June 18th: Dr Colin Caprani from Monash University !!12NOON!!
The other side of the equation: understanding bridge demands for site-specific assessment (abstract)

July 2th: Prof. Kent Harries from University of Pittsburgh.

Sustainable Hazard Resistant Construction Using Indigenous Materials - Bamboo Construction in Darjeeling and Sikkim - (Abstract)

Spring Term 2014

January 8th: Dr Roar Myrdal (R&D Director Construction Chemicals, Normet International Ltd. Adjunct Prof. at Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Concrete chemistry: Chemical admixtures, sprayed concrete, concrete binders and current R&D (abstract).
March 5th: Dr Stefano Utili from University of Warwick.
Novel numerical and analytical methods for geohazards assessment (abstract)
March 19th: Dr Angelos Tzimas from University of Warwick.
Resilient minimal-damage post-tensioned steel frames (abstract)
April 2nd: Dr Catherine OSullivan, Reader at Imperial College
Recent observations on the particle scale mechanics of granular materials (abstract)
April 23th: Dr Qing Ni from University of Warwick.
April 30th: Dr Colin Thornton, Senior Research Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham
Quasi-static shear deformation of granular media (abstract)

Autumn term 2013

October 23th: Dr. Carlos Lam from University of Manchester.
The use of polymer solutions for deep excavations. (abstract)
November 13th: Dr Li Zhe from Chagan University (Xian, China).
Experimental analysis on the stability of loess slopes under artificial rainfall (abstract)
December 11th: Dr Mohaddeseh Nezhad from University of Warwick.
Three dimensional brittle fracture: configurational-force-driven crack propagation (abstract).

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