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Warwick-NTU partnership on materials for catalysis

Warwick-NTU partnership on materials for catalysis

One-day workshop

Thursday October 04, 2012

Room A401, School of Engineering

09:00 Welcome

09:10 Dr Zhili Dong (NTU)

Crystal structure characterisation of titanate based photocatalytic nanomaterials for the degradation of organic compounds

09:40 Prof Martin Wills (Warwick Chemistry)

The design, synthesis and synthetic applications of enantioselective catalysts, and future challenges

10:10 Dr Xiaolei Fan (Warwick Engineering)

Heterogeneous catalysis in continuous structured reactors – examples and challenges

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Dr Zhong Chen (NTU)

Rational design of doped sodium tantalate for visible light photocatalytic fuel generation

11:30 Prof Richard Walton (Warwick Chemistry)

New Oxide Materials for Catalysis from Hydrothermal Synthesis

12:00 Prof Alexei Lapkin (Warwick Engineering)

Porous silicon catalytic support

Please email for further information.