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Energy harvesting

Energy harvesting (EH) is the process of scavenging of ambient energy which would be otherwise lost. EH devices convert ambient energy (solar, electromagnetic, mechanical) into electrical form. Energy generated by harvesting can be used directly or used to recharge batteries or other storage devices, which enhances battery life. We are interested in convertion of mechanical energy into electrical form. There are two key factors influencing and defining the efficiency of energy harvesting -

1. Properties of external force
2. Properties of mechanical subsystem of the harvester

The mechanical system should be correctly tuned to the properties of external force, which in most of the cases posesses a stochastic nature. We are interested in the properties of the vibrations and matching them using an optimal form of nonlinearity of mechanical system for efficient energy harvesting. We also investigate the property of stability and control strategies of the devices.

Recent publications

  • N Khovanova, I Khovanov, Z Davletzhanova (2014): Nonlinear energy harvesting from random narrow-band excitations, International Journal of Structiral Stability and Dynamics, 14 (8), 1440026 (11 pages) [preprint]
  • Khovanov, I.A., Khovanova N.A (2014): Numerical simulations versus theoretical predictions for a non-Gaussian noise induced escape problem in application to full counting statistics, Physical Review B, 89, 085419 [preprint]
  • Khovanova, N.A., Windelen J. (2012): Minimal energy control of a nanoelectromechanical memory element, Applied Physics Letters 101 (2), 024104-024107 [preprint]
  • Khovanova, N. A., Khovanov I.A. (2011): The role of excitations statistics and nonlinearity in energy harvesting from random impulsive excitations, Applied Physics Letters, 99 (14), 144101-144103 [preprint] 

Recent invited presentations

  • Natasha Khovanova. Nonlinear energy harvesting from narrow band vibrations: control and efficiency. International Workshop on Nonlinear and Multiscale Dynamics of Smart Materials in Energy Harvesting, University of Technology, Lublin, 17-18 February 2014.
  • Natasha Khovanova. Role of nonlinearity and noise statistics in energy harvesting. European Network Workshop: Dynamics of Smart Materials and Structures, University of Technology, Lublin, 14-15 February 2013.